When a company invests in any operational aid, it goes without saying; they expect a return on their investment and this will only be achieved if the system is reliable and provides them with many years of trouble free operation.

Developing a system to operate continuously in the harsh marine environment with minimal maintenance is an art form and the skills required to achieve this can only be obtained after many years of experience most of which IH-Marine's personnel have acquired working "hands on" and this is clearly reflected in our products and our attitude towards the serviceability of our systems.

As with any system installed in this environment, our products will require regular service / inspection and access to spare parts are all key factors in keeping the system fully operational. To assist our customers with this aspect of their installation, IH-Marine offers service contracts which are tailored to suit the needs of our individual customers.

Who better to protect your investment than those who designed, built and understand the intricate details of your safety system which you rely on to provide protection to your personnel and the surrounding environment.
When you ask us to take care of your systems your investment in safety is protected!

At IH-marine we believe we are only as good as our last job which is why we care so much about the performance of your safety systems even after the installation and will work tirelessly to ensure our products meet the expectations of our customers without exception.